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Because each client has a unique set of needs, TCPI provides a range of services that can be targeted or scalable as required.

Needs Analysis. Our needs analyses examine and create a profile of your organization's current and future requirements for staffing, resources, training, branding, and other developing needs. The process includes interviews with key staff, focus groups and scientific surveys, questionnaires, assessments and other appropriate methods.

Our TCPI Climate Survey samples the prevailing opinions, values, and morale within the organization. It is an excellent tool for discovering motivational issues, and can be focused on specific areas like benefits, working conditions, communications, management issues or diversity.

By conducting climate surveys, the organization demonstrates concern for morale, quality of worklife, and staff opinion. Our clients have used results from our surveys for hiring decisions, succession planning, training and development, and individual growth.

Expert Focus Group and Meeting Facilitation. We provide experienced staff who will conduct qualitative and quantitative research within your organization and/or facilitate meetings to organize your strategic planning and quality initiatives.

Our experts will:

Custom Training Programs Design. Once your learning objectives and delivery requirements are determined, we will:

  1. Custom-tailor the program to fit within your time frames and available resources.
  2. Provide concepts, materials, full production and delivery for every type of learning environment: classroom training, video presentations, manuals, and self-instructional programs.
  3. Build the curriculum from our storehouse of learning modules and your job-specific materials.
  4. Add case scenarios, exercises, role-playing, behavior modeling, simulations and discussions to reflect the needs of your industry and the specific interventions you require.

Custom Training Programs Delivery. All of our programs are competency-based, participant-centered, and highly interactive.

Classroom Programs: Each classroom program varies from one to two or more days. In some cases, the days do not need to be consecutive.

eLearning: Our course content is platform-independent; which means that we can develop content for the platform of your choice to run on the Internet or your intranet. TCPI has long been a proponent of live, interactive Web-based formats.

Instructors: Instructors for all of our trainings have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in education or a related field and have considerable and direct experience in your particular business or industry. The TCPI instructional model often calls for more than one facilitator for the program. Using multiple instructors ensures high interest, energy, and the benefit derived from differing points of view.

Our instructors all have a minimum of a Master's Degree