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Communication Project Magazine

Volume 3.1 Summer 2000
General Editor: Marvin Gottlieb, PhD
Editor: Martha Mesiti

Communication Project Magazine is a publication of The Communication Project, Inc., a consulting group founded in 1979 that focuses on research, development, presentation, and production services for training, organizational development, productivity, and customer-centered marketing initiatives.

The Communication Project has three primary areas of expertise:

  1. Instructional design for workshops, seminars, self-instruction, and computer-managed distance learning.
  2. Human Resources development to meet the challenges provided by reorganization, changing workforce values, diversity, and technology.
  3. Basic target market and organizational research, including focus group moderation, needs analysis, strategic planning, and change management.

More information about our organization can be found in the Learning Room, our Web site home page. Please visit and have a look around!

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Table of Contents Volume 3.1 Summer 2000

Editor's Foreword

Call for Articles



Is Your Organization Ready for E-Learning?, by Michele C. Minton

Executive Summary

Foundations of E-Learning, by Marvin Gottlieb, PhD

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Editor's Foreword

The Learning Room site that hosts Communication Project Magazine continues to be an evolutionary event. With this second volume of Communication Project Magazine, we look at e-learning.  Michele Minton asks the question Is Your Organization Ready for E-Learning?, outlining the 7 key questions that will help you determine the level of change needed in order to implement e-learning in your organization.  The second article, Foundations of E-Learning, by Marvin Gottlieb,  examines the theoretical basis for designing content for the Web and how a constructivist model can be used to shape e-learning events.

Communication Project Magazine is currently being offered semi-annually. However, since it is still under construction, you might want to check more frequently to see if articles have been added to an issue (a purely electronic prerogative). Since all magazines seem to require an editorial policy, here goes.

We would expect the scope of the publication to become more focused with time. However, at this point, any articles that relate to learning are likely prospects. They can range from learning theory to practical applications for training and the school classroom. Future issues will include reviews of relevant books, articles, and Web sites, as well as an occasional irreverent critique of current teaching and training issues and practices. Please see our Call for Articles for instructions on submitting your ideas to our pages.

We welcome your comments and observations which can be sent through our contact page. In the meantime, thank you for visiting us.

Martha Mesiti
Editor, Communication Project Magazine

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 Call for Articles

Communication Project Magazine welcomes submissions on any topics related to learning. These may range from learning theory to practical applications for training and the school classroom. Authors may submit items for review at any time. Submissions to   Communication Project Magazine will be reviewed as quickly as possible, normally within six weeks of receipt. 

Articles for submission may be sent via electronic mail to Please include the full name of author, company or educational affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and daytime phone number.

In matters of style authors should follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed.

Questions should be directed to the Editor through our contact page at our Web site or by e-mail at

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