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The Communication Project, Inc.
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Guarantee #1: Our Expertise

We guarantee a high level of practical and academic knowledge for every project.

Our three primary areas of expertise are:

  1. Instructional design for workshops, seminars, self-instruction, and e-learning.
  2. Human Resources development to meet the challenges brought about by reorganization, changing workforce values, diversity, and technology.
  3. Strategic Planning, including organizational research, needs analysis, meeting facilitation.

Guarantee #2: Innovators in Our Field

We guarantee to provide creative and unique solutions to your professional development challenges.

As successful and skilled innovators, we are proud that:

Guarantee #3: Committed to Quality...and Success

We focus on building long-term client relationships through personal involvement with every aspect of our instructional programs. Our consulting services and programs meet the highest standards set by the business and academic communities, and are designed to meet the very specific needs of our clients. You are always dealing with a top professional who is committed to your success.

Guarantee #4: Customized Training and Design

All of our training concepts are based upon original research and proven models that provide the most effective instructional strategies to meet your learning objectives.

Therefore, we can guarantee that our training programs will:

  1. Be based upon your specific learning needs.
  2. Achieve your organization’s goals.
  3. Be shaped to fit within the time frames and resources you have available.
  4. Be custom-built - using a combination of our proven learning modules and specific materials you may provide.

Our programs are competency-based, participant-centered, and highly interactive. Where appropriate, they use case method, behavior modeling, simulations, and technology support.

Our programs can be fully developed and presented by TCPI professionals or developed for presentation by client staff. We also offer train-the-trainer programs and certification for bringing our programs in-house.

Guarantee #5: Full Range of Services

Whatever your needs are, we can provide everything from training ideas to full production and delivery of training workshops, sales materials, video presentations, manuals and e-learning modules.

As a result, you will be able to communicate in cost-effective ways - both internally to your employees and externally with your customers and other stakeholders.